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Add Sam Goody’s Parent Musicland To The List Of Dead Mall CD Stores !!LINK!!

Oct. 17, 1997: Muncie Mall has a ribbon-cutting followed by a weekend-long grand reopening to celebrate its expansion to 654,000 square feet and 65 tenants. "Stores like American Eagle, Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret and Lane Bryant probably wouldn't have located here if we hadn't remodeled," the mall manager says in a Star Press article. A map of the newly expanded mall in The Star Press lists all the occupants at the time: Osco Drug Store, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Andrews Jewelers, New York New York, Earth Magic, Wilson's The Leather Experts, Lenscrafters, Kinney Shoes, Maurice's, Kay Bee Toys, Country Charm, Fannie May, San Francisco Music Box, Bookland, Paul Harris, Foot Locker, County Seat, Northern Reflections, Kay Jewelers, Hat World, Claire's, Spencer's, Planet Earth, Barb's Country Gifts, Finish Line, Art Nails, Luca Pizza, Inside Scoop, Sam Goody, Goodyear Auto Service Center, Party House, Country Charm Christmas, The Buckle, Jay Jacobs, Payless Shoe Source, Sultan's Castle, General Nutrition Center, Salsa, Day by Day, Squeeze Play, MCL Cafeteria, Mastercuts, Suncoast Motion Picture Company, Bath and Body Works, Dr. Tavel Vision Center, Blondie's Cookies, Zales Jewelers, Fashion Police, Standt's Fine Jewelry, Hot Sam Pretzels, Orange Julius, Time Flyzs, Spirit Vision, West Coast Airbrush, Van Ausdall and Farrar, Afterthoughts, Things Remembered, Grand Illusion, Piercing Pagoda, Warming House, Sunglass Hut, Purple Rain, Devines Coffee and Tea, Muncie Mall Cinema 3, Victoria's Secret, Lane Bryant, Gadzooks, American Eagle Outfitter, Rack Room Shoes, The Wooden Key Hallmark and Irving Computing, plus anchor stores Sears, L.S. Ayres, Elder-Beerman and J.C. Penney. Three storefronts are listed as vacant.

Add Sam Goody’s Parent Musicland to the List of Dead Mall CD stores

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May 2018: Sears, the last of Muncie Mall's original anchor stores, will close by September, its financially struggling parent company announces. The loss of Sears and Carson's leave the mall without two of its four anchors.

We wondered what happened to these popular chains from our youth and looked in to see how they were doing - if they were even around at all. To our surprise, we found that most of them no longer even exist. So instead, we put together a list of 20 mall chains every teen loved that no longer exist. Read on to experience the nostalgia of your youth and to find out which of your beloved stores has closed its doors forever.

This past fall I worked for Malls of America (the annual mall guide that is distributed listing all malls in the US and Canada.) I can 100% confirm that Simon is 'de-malling' the mall and going to an open aire center. Now for those of you who are fretting, I understand. But having seen the plans with my own eyes, what they plan to build should revitalize that local shopping area. Also note that many, many other areas with mall similar to the Nanuet Mall are going to the same style of open aire center. The new centre will be a refreshing breath of air compared to that horrid monstrosity that is the Palisades Center. A rumored store going in there, and the first of its kind, is an pickup center. Mind you this is rumored only as that was written as one of the stores going in.As for the plaza diner, yes it is still there, but heavily modified from its original configuration. A transformation that took place in the mid-1990's. Now I was a later parouser of the mall, but remember it as full of exuberance and vibrant businesses. Even after the renovation of the early 1990's. I used to spend hours in the Nintendo store while my mom shopped. I dont recall the restaurant in the Bamburgers (by the time I was going it was Macy's & Bamburger's) but I remember the friendly's and that Sears used to sell kick ass pretzels.How about this for reminiscing, remember the stores in front of the Nanuet Mall area they eventually knocked down to expand 59? They used to have a beefsteak charlie's in there with an arcade around the back. Then of course there was the child world across the street which later became Barnes and Noble as well as Tower Records. Now too Tower is defunct. Have to love modern business practices of America.

I still go to the Nanuet Mall to return some stuff for my mom. It's pretty depressing going in there nowadays since most of the good stores are gone. After doing returns, I just walk around the mall and just remembering it. Their most recent biggest loss was X-Zone, besides Auntie Anne's Pretzels. I have a lot of memories of Nanuet Mall. One of my earliest childhood memories was going into the Nintendo Store in the late 1980's. I remember when Super Mario Bros. 3 was a brand new game and I was one of the first kids in my area to own it. Anyhow, I remember just about all of the video game stores in the mall.I remember weekends going to the Nanuet Mall with my parents throughout the 1990's and into the 2000's. By 2002 or 2003, I actually was able to drive by myself and go in there by myself. I'm pretty young by the way, I'm only 25 years old. I really liked it when they had Sam Goody and that other record store.I heard that the Nanuet Mall may have high-end stores. I really doubt it though, I'm highly skeptical about that. By the time I move out of Rockland County, that mall will be a thing of the past. I don't know how it still survives today. Business is really not booming and we're currently in a recession. It's astounding how it still generates some revenue.Now I go to the Palisades Mall, which isn't too bad. I don't hate it or anything. However the Nanuet Mall will always be the coolest mall it used to be in my heart. 350c69d7ab


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