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How to Get Pou 1.0.0 APK for Free and Enjoy the Fun Minigames

Pou 1.0.0 APK: A Fun and Cute Virtual Pet Game for Android

Do you love virtual pet games? Do you want to have a cute and funny alien as your pet? If yes, then you should try Pou 1.0.0 APK, a popular game that lets you adopt and take care of your own Pou.

What is Pou?

Pou is a virtual pet game developed by Zakeh, a Lebanese game studio. It was released in 2012 for Android and iOS devices, and has since gained millions of fans around the world. Pou is a brown, triangular-shaped alien that lives in your smartphone or tablet. You can interact with him, play with him, feed him, and watch him grow.

pou 1.0.0 apk

Features of Pou

Pou is not just a simple virtual pet game. It has many features that make it fun and engaging for players of all ages. Here are some of them:

Customize your Pou

You can make your Pou look unique by changing his hair, eye color, clothing, and accessories. You can also buy different wallpapers and decorations for his room. There are hundreds of items to choose from, but some of them are locked until you reach level 30.

Play with your Pou

You can play various mini-games with your Pou to earn coins and level up. There are games like Tic Tac Toe, Connect Four, Match Three, Memory, and more. You can also visit other Pous and play with them online.

Feed and take care of your Pou

You have to feed your Pou regularly to keep him healthy and happy. You can buy different types of food from the shop, such as fruits, vegetables, candy, pizza, and more. You also have to clean him, make him sleep, and cure him when he gets sick.

How to download and install Pou 1.0.0 APK

If you want to enjoy the latest version of Pou without any ads or in-app purchases, you can download and install the Pou 1.0.0 APK file from our website. Here are the steps to follow:

Download the APK file

Click on the download button below to get the APK file on your device. It is about 24 MB in size, so make sure you have enough storage space.

Enable unknown sources

Before you can install the APK file, you have to enable unknown sources on your device. This will allow you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle it on.

Install the APK file

Once you have enabled unknown sources, you can install the APK file by tapping on it and following the instructions on the screen. It will take a few seconds to complete the installation.

Pou is a pet care game with a stack of minigames[^1^]. You can customize your pet's appearance and play with it in various ways.

Pou Mod v1 Beta is a modified version of the game that adds some features and changes[^2^]. You can download it from YouTube or Mediafire[^2^].

Benefits of Pou 1.0.0 APK

By downloading and installing the Pou 1.0.0 APK file from our website, you can enjoy these benefits:

Free and safe to use

The APK file is free to download and use, and it does not contain any viruses or malware that could harm your device or data.

No ads or in-app purchases

The APK file does not have any ads or in-app purchases that could interrupt your gameplay or make you spend money unnecessarily.

Compatible with most Compatible with most Android devices

The APK file works well with most Android devices, as long as they have Android 4.0 or higher. You don't need to root your device or have a special emulator to play Pou.


Pou is a fun and cute virtual pet game that you can play on your Android device. You can customize your Pou, play with him, feed him, and take care of him. You can also download and install the Pou 1.0.0 APK file from our website to enjoy the game without any ads or in-app purchases. Pou is a great game for anyone who loves virtual pets and wants to have a little friend on their phone or tablet.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Pou 1.0.0 APK:



Is Pou 1.0.0 APK safe to download and install?

Yes, the APK file is safe to download and install, as it does not contain any viruses or malware that could harm your device or data.

What are the differences between Pou 1.0.0 APK and the original version?

The main difference is that the APK version does not have any ads or in-app purchases that could interrupt your gameplay or make you spend money unnecessarily.

How can I update Pou 1.0.0 APK?

You can update Pou 1.0.0 APK by downloading and installing the latest version from our website. You don't need to uninstall the previous version, as the new one will overwrite it.

How can I backup my Pou data?

You can backup your Pou data by using the cloud save feature in the game settings. You can also use a third-party app like Titanium Backup to backup your Pou data.

How can I contact the developer of Pou?

You can contact the developer of Pou by sending an email to or visiting their website at


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