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Scarlet Tower

Despite it's many abilities which are useful, it is quite costly to upgrade and requires time for these abilities to activate; so bringing other gadgets and towers to assist the Scarlet Shaman is therefore a good option.

Scarlet Tower

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A mysterious and magical message literally drops into your lap from the very air. Unsettled by the experience, you nevertheless open it. It seems that there is a tower at the center of a nearby town, packed with magical items and untold riches... and it seems YOU have inherited this tower!

You are one of several cousins vying for ownership of this magnificent edifice. The task seems simple: convince the servants of the tower that you are the rightful owner. Once all of the tower's servants have sworn fealty, the tower, and its riches, are yours.

At the Tower Of Heaven, Jellal sits on his throne as Vidaldus Taka walks in, reporting that Erza was successfully captured. Jellal laughs to himself and tells Vidaldus why he didn't kill Erza, which was because Erza was going to be the sacrifice to the tower. On Shô's ship, Erza is tied to a pole, and while everyone else is asleep, Shô visits her. She demands to be released, but Shô refuses to oblige. She then struggles to get free but Shô tells her its futile because Millianna's ropes can seal Magic, but Erza corrects him saying she just wants to just equip her armor back so she can feel more secure. Shô tells her that she looks nice in what she has on, and then he hugs Erza, telling her he never wanted to do all this, but it is her fault for betraying Jellal. Erza then reminisces her old friends and her escaping, worried about getting captured and potentially tortured, and that Jellal was the one who gave them the courage to carry on.[4]

The Magic Council reacts to the news brought by Siegrain that the R-System still exists. They remember shutting down the R-System projects, but other members point out there was an 8th tower they must have missed and that now it is almost completed. Siegrain interrupts the conversation saying the name of the 8th tower is The Tower of Heaven, while the others tell him to shut up and organize an army to take it down. Michello feels they don't have enough information to do that, but they do know that a cult leader, Jellal, is in control of the tower.[5]

Gray, Juvia, Lucy and Natsu travel by canoe to the Tower of Heaven. Gray thinks they're lost and Natsu is sick from the transportation as usual, though they are all counting on his nose. Juvia expresses her surprise that Erza got defeated, which irritates Gray as he refuses to accept that she lost, until Lucy tells him to calm down since they don't know much about Erza. Soon, they see the tower ahead of them and continue sailing towards it.[6]

Inside the tower, as Erza arrives, she is thrown in a prison, which triggers her to remember her monstrous past; when the guards came asking who was the mastermind behind the plan to escape, Jellal courageously said that it was him but the guard decided that it was Erza. Despite the fact that it was Shô who had the idea, Erza accepted the punishment trembling with fear, but also smiling, to assure the others that she was not afraid. Now in the same prison again after years, Shô tells her she will stay there until the "ceremony" starts the following day, in which she will be the sacrifice for "Paradise". Erza tells Shô not to use the R-System to resurrect the Dark Mage because of the consequences it will bring to the Magic World, but Shô is adamant, believing that Jellal will bring them to "Paradise" and that they will all rule together. Erza then brings Shô to his knees by kicking him in the face and requips into her Heart Kreuz Armor, determined to find and fight Jellal.[7]

Happy wakes up in Millianna's room surrounded by stuffed cats and cat pillows, and he starts looking for Natsu. Millianna asks Happy how he is, and he shocks her when he reveals his ability to talk. Simon then comes in to tell Millianna and Wally that Erza has escaped, much to Happy's surprise that she is somewhere close. Simon tells them she's probably going for Jellal and they all set out to find her.In the throne room of the tower, Vidaldus worries about the Magic Council's actions.[8]

At the Magic council, everyone is still arguing about what should be done, until Siegrain says the tower is way too dangerous to let it stand and recommends using Etherion. Almost everyone initially refuses, claiming the Etherion is their ultimate weapon and is even more powerful than the R-System, but Ultear Milkovich agrees to use it, so Siegrain begs for three more votes to let the chaotic weapon be used.[9]

Back at the tower, Erza continues fighting and looking for Jellal. On the outside, Natsu and the others think there are too many guards to just walk in so Juvia recomments they go through an underwater entrance she found. She produces water helmets to give the Mages oxygen while underwater, and after they go through and reach the ground, Lucy points out how useful the water helmets were, surprising Juvia, who admits to having made Lucy's tank smaller than the others so that she wouldn't last. Guards then spot the gang but they are easily defeated, and then a door leading to the inside of the tower opens for them. In the throne room, Vidaldus asks Jellal why he is letting enemies enter. Jellal just claims that everything is a game to him and that they just passed a level. At the Council, Siegrain is able to gain one more vote, which leaves him with two more votes needed.[10]

A cult tried to build a tower to resurrect the fearful and terrifying Dark Mage Zeref by using the R-system, also known as Tower of Heaven. They used slaves to build it, and Erza happened to be one of them along with Wally, Shô, Millianna, Jellal, and Simon. After an escape attempt, Erza was taken to the dungeons and was tortured with such severity that she lost her right eye. Her friend Jellal arrived to save her and told her they had to fight to survive, but then was caught by another guard and received a beating, while Erza was sent back to her prison. Then, Jellal was possessed by what he believed was the Dark Mage Zeref, which greatly altered his former kind personality to a more violent one, making him almost completely insane. No longer able to take the abuse, Erza attacked the guards and started a revolution which at its inception appeared to be successful.[12]

While the others went on the boat to go home, Erza went back in the dungeons to look for Jellal. Already possessed by Zeref, Jellal attacked Erza, telling her he was going to complete the R-System to resurrect Zeref's body in order to find his "true freedom". Jellal easily finished off the guards who were torturing him, despite Erza's attempts to stop him, and even attacked Erza herself with Darkness Magic. Erza remembers Jellal telling her not to tell anybody about the tower or he would kill everyone, and she then woke up on another island, crying about the events she had just witnessed.[14]

The ones against Siegrain's proposal argue that Etherion would cause the death of everyone in the tower, including the innocent bystanders, with Siegrain announcing that he is willing to take the risk. Eventually, Belno also agrees to use the Etherion, with Jellal in his tower smiling and claiming that there is one more vote until everything ends.[15]

Meanwhile, Erza talks about Zeref and how the R-System is being used to resurrect him. She then explains that he was the cruelest and most powerful Dark Mage in history, and also the creator of Lullaby, and probably Deliora. Lucy then asks why Erza is considered a traitor to her old friends, with the latter replying that Jellal probably made up a lie about her. Shô then appears, having overheard everything Erza said, furious about Jellal manipulating him and his friends, since he told them all that Erza planted bombs in their ships and that if Jellal hadn't noticed, everyone would have died. Jellal then made everyone get back to work on the tower, claiming it was a sign that the tower must continue to be built. Erza assures Shô she would never do that, confusing him. Simon then approaches the group, revealing that he knew Jellal was lying all along and that he always trusted Erza, who then comforts Shô saying she was too weak in the past but is stronger now. Then they all decide to work together and stop Jellal.[16]

When they land, they end up being with Simon who tells them to run away from Fukuro. Simon uses his Darkness Magic to help them escape, but since Fukuro is an owl he manages to see Simon in the darkness and beat him. Simon, defeated, tells Natsu that Fukuro is a member of Trinity Raven, a team that belongs to Death's Head Caucus, a guild that takes care of assassination jobs, which enrages Natsu, who now prepares to fight the other Mage. Natsu and Fukuro send attacks back and forth, with the former determined to win this battle despite his opponent's advantage. Somewhere else, Juvia and Lucy wander the tower looking for Natsu.[19]

Meanwhile, Lucy and Juvia wander around the tower hoping to find Natsu, with Juvia wondering why she has to look for Natsu with Lucy, shortly after remembering that Gray told her that he would go after Shô while the girls were to look for Natsu. Juvia says to herself that she will do it despite being stuck with her love rival, but soon the girls are attacked by one of Trinity Raven's members, Vidaldus Taka, who seems to be obsessed with rock music. Juvia fights him for a while and seemingly traps him in her water lock, but his hair absorbs the water much to Juvia's surprise. Vidaldus then utilizes his Rock of Succubus Magic and decides to turn Juvia into his slave. During that time, Jellal knocks down Juvia's piece as she is out while he knocks Lucy's piece next, assuming that she is next to go.[21]

Back in the tower, Jellal knocks Fukuro's piece off on his chessboard, saying it is time to say goodbye to Siegrain. Meanwhile, Shô keeps looking for Jellal and still has Erza trapped in his card. Erza tries to reason with him, pleading with him to let her out but he tells her that he is going to protect her no matter what. He runs into the final member of Trinity Raven; Ikaruga, who proceeds to greet him. Shô attacks, telling her to move out of the way as he is not interested in fighting her but she cuts through all his attacks. She then attacks Shô while Erza tries to tell him that he is no match for her but Shô tells her that the card is protected from outside attacks. However, Ikaruga attacks Erza, managing to slice through the card, with Erza defending herself. Fortunately, Erza successfully manages to break free out of Shô's card, having Ikaruga to thank for that. She then tells her opponent that she should move out of her way but, surprisingly, Ikaruga destroys Erza's Heart Kreuz Armor, telling the other woman that she is sort of surprised that Erza didn't notice the attack.[35] 041b061a72


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