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Positioning By Al Ries And Jack Trout Free Free 12

Are you donating a portion of the revenue from your product to charity? Are you offering your product free to certain customers because you support their cause? Or is your product a solution to behavior some people view as unethical? If so, you have the foundation for creating a strong positioning statement.

positioning by al ries and jack trout free 12

What I love about this book is that it presents several really fascinating examples of brands repositioning themselves and succeeding. There are stories about Xerox, Milk Duds, Mailgram, New Jersey Bank, and even the Catholic Church!

In 1972, Al co-authored the now infamous three-part series of articles declaring the arrival of the Positioning Era in Advertising Age magazine. The concept of positioning revolutionized how people viewed advertising and marketing. Marketing was traditionally thought of as communications, but successful brands are those that find an open hole in the mind and then become the first to fill the hole with their brand name.

Jack Trout is the president of Trout & Partners, a marketing firm with offices in 14 countries. The author or coauthor of numerous bestselling books, Jack Trout is responsible for the freshest ideas in marketing in the last 20 years. His concept of "positioning" has become the world's number-one business strategy.


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