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The Benefits of Using Harnmaster Gold Shek Pvar for Your Fantasy Role-Playing Games

Harnmaster Gold Shek Pvar PDF Download: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are a fan of fantasy role-playing games, you may have heard of Harnmaster, a realistic and detailed game system that immerses you in the rich and diverse world of Harn. And if you are interested in magic and its mysteries, you may have wondered about the Shek Pvar, the secretive and powerful orders of magicians that shape the fate of Harn. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Harnmaster Gold Shek Pvar, a PDF document that describes the Kethiran magic system in depth, and how you can download it for your own enjoyment.

harnmaster gold shek pvar pdf download

What is Harnmaster Gold Shek Pvar?

Harnmaster is a game system that was first published in 1986 by Columbia Games. It is designed to simulate a low-fantasy medieval setting, where magic is rare and dangerous, combat is lethal and realistic, and characters are complex and diverse. Harnmaster is known for its attention to detail, its historical accuracy, and its flexibility. It allows players to create characters from various cultures, professions, religions, and backgrounds, and to explore a vast and intricate world that is based on real-world geography, history, and mythology.

Harn is the name of the main continent where most of the action takes place. It is a land of contrasts, where ancient civilizations coexist with barbarian tribes, where feudal lords vie for power with merchant princes, where pagan cults clash with monotheistic faiths, where nature is both beautiful and harsh. Harn is also a land of secrets, where legends abound, where ancient ruins hide forgotten treasures, where mysterious forces lurk in the shadows.

One of these secrets is the Shek Pvar, the collective name for the six orders of magicians that practice different aspects of magic in Harn. The Shek Pvar are not a unified group, but rather a loose association of independent scholars who share some common principles and traditions. They are often feared and mistrusted by the common folk, who regard them as dangerous or evil. The Shek Pvar are also rivals among themselves, competing for resources, knowledge, and influence.

The six orders of the Shek Pvar are:

  • Fyvria: The order of transformation. They manipulate matter and energy, creating or altering substances, objects, or living beings.

  • Jmorvi: The order of metalcraft. They specialize in crafting and enchanting metal items, such as weapons, armor, tools, or machines.

  • Lyahvi: The order of illusion. They create and manipulate light, sound, and other sensory phenomena, deceiving or enhancing the perception of others.

  • Odivshe: The order of watercraft. They control and shape water and its related elements, such as ice, steam, fog, or mist.

  • Peleahn: The order of firecraft. They harness and unleash the power of fire and heat, producing flames, explosions, or lightning.

  • Savorya: The order of spiritcraft. They communicate and influence the minds and souls of living or dead beings, such as animals, humans, or ghosts.

Harnmaster Gold Shek Pvar is a PDF document that describes the Kethiran magic system in detail, providing information, rules, and spells in one volume for the first time. It was published in 2008 by Kelestia Productions, the current publisher of Harnmaster products. It is based on the original Harnmaster magic rules by N. Robin Crossby, the creator of Harn, but it also incorporates revisions and expansions from later editions and supplements.

Harnmaster Gold Shek Pvar contains 174 pages of illustrated content, including:

  • An introduction to the history, philosophy, and organization of the Shek Pvar.

  • A comprehensive set of rules for creating and playing Shek Pvar characters, including skills, traits, abilities, and limitations.

  • A detailed description of the environment and mechanics of magic in Harn, including how to cast spells, how to resist or counter spells, how to use magical items, and how to deal with the consequences of magic.

  • More than 200 spells with over 500 bonus effects, covering all six orders of the Shek Pvar and their sub-orders.

  • New articles on artefacts (including a step by step process for their creation) and on arcanists (about western Lythia's most notable scholars).

  • Sections on research (creating new spells), the nature of magic and how it affects the world, and much more!

  • Enriched Magick, an extensive set of optional rules that GMs can use to finely tune the very nature of magic in their worlds.

Harnmaster Gold Shek Pvar also has a fully interactive set of bookmarks. Just click on a bookmark and you're there. It is also completely printable in color or black and white if you prefer the feel of a rulebook at your gaming table.

Why You Should Download Harnmaster Gold Shek Pvar?

If you are a fan of Harnmaster or fantasy role-playing games in general, you should download Harnmaster Gold Shek Pvar for several reasons:

  • It is a complete and comprehensive sourcebook for magic in Harn. You don't need any other books or supplements to use it. It covers everything you need to know about the Shek Pvar and their spells.

  • It is a realistic and detailed magic system that fits the tone and style of Harn. It is not a generic or genericized system that can be applied to any setting. It is tailored to the specific culture, history, and geography of Harn. It reflects the low-fantasy and medieval nature of the world, where magic is rare and dangerous, where magicians are respected or feared, where spells have limitations and costs.

  • It is a flexible and customizable magic system that allows you to create your own unique characters and stories. You can choose from a variety of options and variations to suit your preferences and needs. You can create your own spells, artefacts, or sub-orders. You can use the Enriched Magick rules to modify the basic rules as you wish.

  • It is a fun and exciting magic system that adds flavor and challenge to your game. You can explore the mysteries and secrets of magic in Harn. You can experience the thrill and danger of casting spells or facing magicians. You can enjoy the diversity and creativity of the spells and their effects.

But don't take our word for it. Here are some testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers and fans who have downloaded Harnmaster Gold Shek Pvar:

"Harnmaster Gold Shek Pvar is simply amazing. It is by far the best magic system I have ever used in any RPG. It is realistic, detailed, flexible, fun, and easy to use. It makes playing a magician in Harn a rewarding experience."

"I have been playing Harnmaster for over 20 years, and I 71b2f0854b


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