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These paintings are provocative, and yet clearly tell the untold story of Cowboys and Indians, where the cowboys were the bitches and the Indians the dominants, including "Pilgrim's Progress," where an Indian with a substantially large cock is clearly unimpressed by an effeminate white man with a much smaller but erect dick, a symbol of the true hierarchy of the red man's superior cock size (This comparison foreshadowing the 21st century, where the inadequate white man has now become completely obsessed with black cock, big black cock).

The painter offers political statements such as "Cree Master," where a bare-assed Canadian Mountie is being spanked by an arrogantly naked Cree man, and "Portrait of the Artist as Hunter," where an Indian is on the hunt for buffalo and white ass, and the taboo-breaking "Sacred Vows," where a white cowboy who is naked from the waist down, with an obvious white substance coating his buttocks, is begging his Indian stud to stay instead of leaving on his white horse (the message being that once you've been sodomized by a big-dicked red man you will do anything to continue on as his white bottom).

Equally shocking, is "Ceci n'est pas un pipe," where a cowboy is bent over a tree with his pants around one ankle and his rifle resting beside him as an Indian anoints him with bear grease in preparation for sodomizing him.

There were others, too, but none sparked more controversy than the visual of American hero, Daniel Boone, on his back, his legs spread wide open by a dominant Indian who is slamming his dominant cock in his ass, and seems to be in heaven, in the painting, "Daniel Boone's First View of the Kentucky Valley."

Secret histories of cowboys fucking other cowboys were already out there: almost every gang of desperados had what they called their pussy boy, the youngest recruit, whose purpose was to serve as a girl substitute and take cock after cock in his man pussy.

Although in today's society, white men are often submissive cock suckers and/or bottoms for big black meat, the truth is that in an earlier century white men were submissive bottoms for big red meat (back then only irrefutable sluts would ever stoop so low as to suck cock. Getting your cock sucked cost more than vaginal or anal sex), but men taking it in the ass was very common, although not talked about.

The white man was trying to gain control and eventually would succeed, due strictly to sheer numbers, better weapons, measles and influenza, but in the early days of the Wild West it was obvious the white man was unable to resist the glorious beauty of a red man's cock.

John Bullet was an old school cowboy and gunslinger, heading west. He was very good looking and made the ladies swoon whenever he passed through a town, often sleeping not only with the virginal daughters of men of importance, but sometimes even with their wives. John had learned early on that good looks, a reputation for a quick finger and a big dick were all you needed.

When on the trail between the towns, as he had an insatiable sex drive, he would often end up fucking other cowboys. The bigger the cowboy he could bend over and fuck, the more enthralling. The only activity more exciting than seducing a man's wife or daughter was topping a virgin man's ass, and the ultimate thrill was tapping a sheriff.

The sheriff's eyes went wide as there was no bigger humiliation than being caught in this position, pants at his ankles, bent over and with a cock in his ass, and worse, he'd been shockingly enjoying it, as was evident not only by the weird feminine sounds escaping his mouth, but also the fact his four-inch cock was rock hard. Plus, he recognized Red Bird right away and knew that surviving this chance meeting was unlikely.

Chief Red Bird glided silently behind the bent over sheriff and slammed his dick home: He loved hearing white men scream, first with pain and then later with pleasure as they became cock addicts to this dominant red man.

As Chief Red Bird roughly fucked the sheriff's ass, he looked at John and savoured the look of shock on his face, a look of shock so many white men displayed when they first saw his cock, sucked his cock or were fucked by his cock. What this naked cowboy should have felt was utter fear, but he didn't. Why? Because like all the other back-door cowboys before him, his true nature, his true calling was yet to be awakened, his fated role as a submissive fuck toy for red man cock was still dormant.

One replaced the chief's cock with his own almost as big, cock in the white man's ass. The other shoved his cock in the sheriff's mouth where the term split-roasted began, as he was skewered like a pig, although over time the term would evolve to spit-roasted: unfortunate, since the original term was more accurate, the sheriff was split in two when used by two.

The Chief, who spoke fluent English, having learned it from many of his earlier white man conquests, including the legendary Daniel Boone, as well as many cowboys, sheriffs and bounty hunters (they were his favourites), said, "That is exactly what I have in mind."

The sheriff, meanwhile, was mortified at having two Indian cocks sliding in and out of him. An hour ago he'd been close to his biggest arrest ever: John Long Bullet. Before he knew it, the tables were turned and he was being sodomized for the first time by the smaller man. Now it was even worse, he also had a cock in his mouth for the first time, and likely after these Indians were done with him he'd be scalped.

John knew he was fucked, and likely going to be fucked, but he also knew that by obeying the Chief he would stay alive longer, and hopefully get an opportunity to shoot his way out of this. His gun was underneath him, and potentially within reach if he played his cards right. Still, he was confused by an odd feeling inside him; before he shot anybody he wanted to feel what this cock felt like in his mouth.

The sheriff couldn't believe the pleasure he was gradually beginning to feel, his tiny cock rock hard, his mind blank as he had two Indian cocks in him. Was he disgusted? Yes! Was he mortified? Yes! Was he completely turned on? Yes!

John felt the humiliation course throughout him as he opened his mouth and did the one thing so degrading he didn't even make his sissy cowboys do; he sucked cock, Indian cock. As the hard cock filled his mouth, his usually hard cowboy persona faded away and his hitherto unknown submissive feminine persona replaced it. He wanted to please this great chief, red cock his new totem, so completely hypnotic.

The sheriff was feeling pleasure now he didn't know existed, the cock in his ass reaching depths he hadn't known existed, stimulating his insides in ways he didn't know existed, his own cock feeling like it could explode at any second.

John had only had his cock sucked a few times, always by prostitutes, or daughters or wives of prominent townsmen, but as soon as the big Indian cock was in his mouth, he instinctively knew what to do. He slowly bobbed back and forth, trying to get used to having a cock, a huge Indian cock, in his mouth.

Chief Red Bird ordered, after a couple of minutes of sucking, "Suck-um faster, paleface cock sucker." He could have aced a college English exam, but in situations like these his noble savage persona seemed to instill more fear and respect in his man-sluts.

Being called such a name would have usually meant someone was instantly dead, yet as John obeyed, sucking faster, he realized that title was true. He was a cock sucker. He loved the feeling of having a big cock in his mouth.

The sheriff moaned on the cock in his mouth as he felt hot cum spray up his asshole, the feeling utterly exhilarating. Not even thirty seconds after one big Indian dick left his ass, another replaced it. Thirty seconds after that he felt cum shoot into his mouth and glide down his throat. He could barely taste the gooey cum as the cock kept pumping in and out of his mouth. When the cock left his lips, he begged, "Oh yes, fuck my ass harder," wanting to feel the big Indian dick really pound his shit hole.

Sucking cock was one thing, and truth be told he was really enjoying it, as his still hard cock proved, but taking it in the ass, that was a completely different thing. "Please, let me suck your cock, sir." the legendary big dicked white man begged.

Throughout all this, John had been so captivated by the cock he had completely forgotten about his gun. With three of the seven involved in sex, two recovering from sex and only two with arrows still aimed at him, this would be the ideal time to try and shoot his way out of this. 041b061a72


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