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To enable the visibility of young female transsexuals who live with HIV/AIDS for achievement of the integral health care motivated this study about the dynamics of the social network, aiming at analyzing circumstances, critical events, exhaustions, interruptions, and possible transgressions that impact the existing power relations and interfere in the health/disease process. Therefore, this study aims at responding the following guiding question: what is the dynamics of the social network of young female transsexuals who live with HIV/AIDS?

The analysis of the social network of young female transsexuals who live with HIV/AIDS forms an important empirical research for unveiling of the nuances that permeate human relationships anchored in the vulnerability context. The dynamics of primary and secondary social networks provides a relevant basis for the scientific implications in the field of health, especially for the care focused on subjectivities(88 Sanicola L. As dinâmicas de rede e o trabalho social. 2ª ed. São Paulo: Veras; 2015.).

This study states the existence of a historical and social context of vulnerability that contributes to the susceptibility to HIV/AIDS, being originated in the dynamics of the social network, associated with the syndrome, the actors and the social sectors, and exposed empirically in the everyday lives of transsexual women, which hinders the fight against the disease. This process results in weaknesses in the network to deal with the disease before a possible social death. For these people, the positive result for HIV in the youth represented the imminence of doubts about the illness and difficulties of living with this new reality.

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Kadji: When I was a boy and a faggot in my early twenties it was fairly legible in my small community in Durham, North Carolina, because everybody knew me, so it felt phenomenologically real. It was something I lived in relation to other people and it was also about my relation to other mascs, who were more butch than I was. That differential in our masculinities was legible. But I also came across as somebody who was very boy. I didn\u2019t have a woman\u2019s body, I dressed in very androgynous or in masc clothes, but with a gay Asian flair\u2014I didn\u2019t dress like the butches. I had carved out a space for that particular gender expression, but it was one that wasn\u2019t understandable to a larger community outside of my small queer community, and that was what was difficult and frustrating for me. If we had lived in some fantasy world where I could have been legible to everyone, who knows, maybe I would never have transitioned.

The internet has really transformed discourses of the self. When I was coming up in the early 2000s, it was the age of Tumblr and other online spaces where all kinds of queer people and people who thought they might be trans were endlessly reflecting on their genders. It was partly through the couple of transsexuals I knew in North Carolina and also reading this writing online that I started to map out my gender. Some of these Tumblr posts made distinctions between bodily dysphoria and social dysphoria and then there were some butches saying \u201Chere is how I conceive of my butch gender that remaps the female body but is not trans\u2014here\u2019s why I\u2019m not male.\u201D There was a large body of phenomenological discourse about what it meant to occupy a differently gendered social position, and what it meant to decide to transition for somebody who was already living a life that was not female in my case. It was understood at the time that there were multiple ways to live that were not female or feminine. What it meant to take one path and not the other was very important. 041b061a72


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