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Gay Master Dungeons [2021]

I see the majority of posts about Solo Flawlessing activities, usually dungeons, harbinger, master presage or the like, generally turn into everyone listing off the builds and weapons that worked for them (I'm guilty of that too btw). Which.. can.. be helpful, but that's only part of the battle. (EDIT: loadouts are absolutely crucial to getting an SF run, I'm just choosing not to include suggestions on those here. Figuring out what works for you buildwise is essential.)

gay master dungeons

Once you can run each encounter 3x in a row perfectly (as in, complete the Phalanx echo, reset the dungeon, repeat 2+ times without dying), you're in a pretty good spot to move on to the next. And yes, that goes for the middle encounters too. Run it up to the Cube room, complete it without dying, reset the whole dungeon, do it again. (Edit: OK so yeah you don't always want to reset a still-flawless run. I consider this part a temporary measure while you're still getting comfortable with the encounters. Ideally you keep going until you die, then reset. Or until you beat the boss, but sometimes it makes more sense to go back and practice instead of beating your head against a wall trying to run the whole thing. Spot practice is a very real concept- you can run a dungeon, or a team play in sports, or a song, or whatever all the way through but that shouldn't be your only method of practice if you're going for mastery IMO. Target specific areas that you need to work on, but keep an eye on the big picture as well)

This is something that IMO is incredibly difficult to teach. It only comes through practice, experience and dedication. But if you can reach that point, you've achieved a real milestone on the way to mastery of this game. Getting to that point on demand, though.. well, I'm still working on that myself.

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