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[SNES] - GoodSNES V3.27

The compulsory connection to the internet to verify whether you have paid your rent on these old roms forces the switch to no longer operate as a portable console. I also can't invest time in games like Zelda and Metroid when I know, I'm playing on borrowed time. I'd much rather play these games on my 3ds. I know you can log onto snes online prior to leaving the house, but that removes the likelihood of spontaneous moments of gameplay while travelling.

[SNES] - GoodSNES v3.27

I played 10 minutes of Zelda before switching to a new game on my snes mini. I didn't want to start a game, when I had no intention of renewing my subscription. Can someone let me know, do you have to open the app within 24hrs of playing the snes games offline or, can you just take your switch out, assuming that your house has Wi-Fi, the switch should be able to recognise you paid rent on these roms without you opening the app? I'm just wondering if it is a situation where I would be like , phone, keys, wallet, open the snes app and then close it again, before leaving the house.

@Hikingguy I suppose it isn't terribly inconvenient. I was on holiday on my 3DS last year and decided to play, super metroid. I wasn't planning on playing it, and I hadn't played it in over a year. That's my relationship with snes games: rare and spontaneous. This app is fine for people who regularly play the games I suppose. I might just stick to my 3DS, with its dedicated d-pad, the games play better, plus the Sega games are in 3D.

FF5 and 6, BoF 1 and 2 and Lufia 1 and 2 are all excellent games. But my goodness the SMT games for the snes are appallingly bad. I beat all of them, somehow: SMT 1, 2, SMT if... and Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei. Those early SMT games were brutal, in a very bad way.FE3 is...decent.

I have the 2.4ghz version. I am fairly happy with it but the snes audio does sound a little harsh to me. I never had a snes so I don't have a great frame of reference. That being said it doesn't really bother me . I don't know bad it originally was but to me the audio isn't that bad. People call these things garbage but I just don't agree with that. Mine plays pretty much everything I have thrown at it and the s-video out looks great through a RetroTink on a HD tv . I find any audio issues to be fairly minor.

The other day, i plugged in a copy of Mortal Kombat 3, and the console I was using was one of the new dual consoles(nes+snes games). I got a message at the start that said something about pirated games. How can I know if I bought say Earthbound at a Vintage Stock or Ebay is going to be authentic? Some of these older games are fairly expensive. 041b061a72


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