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Ignatius Doronin
Ignatius Doronin

Ginuwine - In Those Jeans

god damnlook at the way u wearin those jeansi wanna get lost somewhere in those jeansand grab all around i wanna get lostand find my way aroundand hit that spot in ur coke bottle shapei hope i make the bottle breakand make the soda spillwhile ur body shakeand fuck alot fuck alotthats gangstathe way i likeyou make a nigga wanna taste a bitthe way your waist look likei hit it from the backk so long i forget what your face look likei wont forget wat a date look likebut ill show you wat the henny str8 look like buti wanna get in between those seamsso make a lil room for me in those jeans

Ginuwine - In Those Jeans

You are the bombGirl you're tight to deathBaby I don't know the words to say to youAll that I knowBaby all I knowIs that I'm Lovin what I seeAnd I'm feelin youI wanna know All I wanna knowIs That If I can have what's up in those jeansBaby Can I have what's up in those jeansDon't get alarmedCause I don't mean no harmBut I love the way you wear those jeansLevis, Prada, Baby PhatLove the way you're wearin' that ( i love them )Calvin, Iceberg, Sergio ( i love them )Tryin to get inside of those

i wanna push ya legs to the back of ya headto the back of the headboard in back of the bedthen its back to the floorback to the bedback to floor with ya back on the floorITS GANGSTAthe way i likeu holdin it back im rubbin ya backand when i pull ya hair throw it backand ima show u where to throw it ati know how to open that i touch them thighs and make ya love come down mulitplyi make ya body shake up insideu ever had that?u never had thatu ever had ya ass smacked and did it all night til u had a bad back WHOAso let me get between them seams and make a little room for me in them jeans! 041b061a72


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