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Ignatius Doronin
Ignatius Doronin

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autocad mechanical is a 3d drafting and 2d design solution for mechanical and aerospace engineers. it helps engineers and drafters to improve their creative process to achieve high quality designs. the software also helps in the creation of a better understanding of mechanical systems, and supports a consistent and integrated approach for the entire design, ensuring the quality of the work of the design team.

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this release of autocad mechanical extends the power of 3d modelling to mechanical engineering design and improves the performance of mechanical design in real-time for the following two improvements:

autocad architecture is a 2d architectural and 3d design solution for the design and documentation of residential and commercial buildings. the solution allows you to visualize and improve the design of your building during the early stages of its project and optimize its workflow in the following stages, by facilitating the integration of external data and databases, and integrating it with cad models.

autocad electrical is a 2d design and documentation solution for electrical, lighting and instrumentation. it helps electrical engineers, drafters and related specialists to have a better understanding of the performance of the projects they work on, improving and maintaining the data processing of the work they do. the software also allows you to visualize changes to designs, as well as to manage the design information generated.


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